Humidity and temperature sensor

I need to add sensors to know humidity and if possible temperature, but humidity is more important for me. I see no many options, some recommend the Xiaomi Aqara. Any suggestions here?

What country do you live in?

Zooz 4in1 are ok. They use AAA batteries.
I use them for years now.

I have been using the Xiaomi temp/humidity sensors now for two and a half years without any issues. They are about more tricky to pair, but once paired they remain rock solid. I would not normally recommend Xiaomi as they can be a pain, but If budget is a concern then these temp/humidity sensors are great option. if budget is not a concern then I would still opt for a supported sensor like the Aeotec.

I have had good luck with Zooz 4 in 1. Been using it in my bathroom for humidity control. The new 4 in 1 has CR123A battery which should last longer than the AAA batteries. Installed it about 2 months ago and works fine. It updates the humidity (and temperature), if there has been a change, about every 3 minutes.

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That is very bad news… i went for this sensor V1 because I was tired of replacing the expensive coin cells in my other sensors…

Cr123a isn’t technically a coin cell, but yeah, it isn’t a “normal” battery. But I have one and it does last much longer than the older AAA model.

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Hu Jimmy. Canada.

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