Humidity and temperature sensor

I need to add sensors to know humidity and if possible temperature, but humidity is more important for me. I see no many options, some recommend the Xiaomi Aqara. Any suggestions here?

What country do you live in?

Zooz 4in1 are ok. They use AAA batteries.
I use them for years now.

I have been using the Xiaomi temp/humidity sensors now for two and a half years without any issues. They are about more tricky to pair, but once paired they remain rock solid. I would not normally recommend Xiaomi as they can be a pain, but If budget is a concern then these temp/humidity sensors are great option. if budget is not a concern then I would still opt for a supported sensor like the Aeotec.

I have had good luck with Zooz 4 in 1. Been using it in my bathroom for humidity control. The new 4 in 1 has CR123A battery which should last longer than the AAA batteries. Installed it about 2 months ago and works fine. It updates the humidity (and temperature), if there has been a change, about every 3 minutes.

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That is very bad news… i went for this sensor V1 because I was tired of replacing the expensive coin cells in my other sensors…

Cr123a isn’t technically a coin cell, but yeah, it isn’t a “normal” battery. But I have one and it does last much longer than the older AAA model.

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Hu Jimmy. Canada.

is it possible to trigger a switch based on set temp?

Yes, provided the sensor and the switch are compatible with Smartthings. If you use Alexa or Google Home or any other automation hubs, you can also use routines. Or you can use webcore or a service like IFTTT.

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