Best temperature and humidity sensor for samsung hub and alexa

I would like to put some temperature/humidity sensor around my home to be controlled by samsung hub and that are also available and readable by alexa (for information and triggering routines). Do you have any suggestion? I bought an aqara small temperature sensor and it’s pretty neat, it works on smartthings (even if on android I cannot see the report as the app crashes) but for Alexa I had to change the DTH to answer for temperature and it doesn’t read humidity and doesn’t work on routine, so before purchasing something else I would love to know if there is something better

As far as I know, Alexa still doesn’t support RH, unless it has been added recently. I think a work around would involve a automation in ST opening a virtual sensor based on humidity that could then trigger an Alexa routine to run.

Ok, so it’s basically just temperature for alexa. Still the aqara one with smarthings doesn’t show temperature on alexa (but it does answer if I ask it)

The Zooz 4in1 is pretty popular for indoor use; i have several and they work pretty well. I also recently picked up the Zooz siren, which has humidity and temp sensors. These are both z wave devices.

For devices with multiple capabilities, the Alexa app usually only shows one (usually switch or motion), but, as you said, will provide others when asked. Also, only motion, contact, and lock states can be used in Alexa routines as triggers currently.

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Unfortunately I cannot see it in, maybe is not on sale in italy.

Ok, I’m fine with just temperature and humidity. At the moment the aqara doesn’t show it on alexa (the app) when I click on it, but if I ask she answers me. Other sensor (like for example shelly) shows on Alexa

Ok, so I won’t be able to create routine with alexa but I have to do it in some other way (smarthings for example or ifttt).

Do maybe the best choice is to have something that can be integrated with smartthings and see the future what will be

@Mario_De_Carli sorry, i did not realize you were in Italy. Devices vary by region (especially zwave) and the devices i mentioned may not be available.