Hue Sync Box in Smartthings

Does anyone have an idea how to integrate the Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box into Smartthings routines ?

The only solution I can think of is as an IR device with the Switch Bot Hub Mini , which also works. But I have been wondering for a while if there is something better.

Thanks a lot

There isn’t as of right now. The sync box is controlled via a proprietary protocol built into the Sync app. With the exception of that app, the Sync feature needs to be turned on by the device doing the streaming (TV, PC, etc.) There are a couple of ways to use Sync without the box:

  1. Spotify Integration in the Music Service (free other than spotify subscription)
  2. Some Samsung TVs from 2022 forward have a Sync app you can download ($180?) so you don’t need a box
  3. PCs can stream to Sync for free without the box. This works pretty well if you cast the PC to your TV at the same time.