Hue + Smartthings

Hey - I just received a Hue Bridge and 4 hue lights. I connected the 4 lights to the hue bridge and then connected the bridge and lights to Smartthings - Great right?

I created some trend setter to connect the 4 via a group but controlling them is very spotty via Smartthings. If I turn them on usually 3 will turn on and 1 will stay off. If I shut them off - the same thing. Sometimes 3 will shut off sometimes 2… There is one bulb that only works about 20% of the time with smartthings and the other bulbs about 80% of the time.

Controlling them via the Hue app though they all work about 98% of the time. Am I doing something wrong or is controlling them via Smartthings really that spotty?

With nearly 30 plus Philips Hue and friends product, Hue integration for me has been most stable for me for more than year+. And the Hue native app is 100% go.

Looks like you did the right steps though.

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They all work correctly for you when you try to control them via the Smartthings app? For now I’ll be using the Hue App because the Smartthings app just doesn’t seem to want to work. Maybe I’ll try removing the Hue Hub and readding it.

You mentioned you just received your Hue bridge and lights - have you been prompted to update the firmware on both yet? Also, what zigbee channel is your hue bridge set to and what channel is your wireless 2.4 GHz network using? You may want to try adjusting the zigbee channel on your hue bridge.


Zigbee Channel 15

Channel 1 and Channel 6 for my 2.4 ghz networks. The channel 1 router is closer to the bridge.

When I setup the Bridge is asked me to update it which I did… I have not updated the lights.

Yes. I was chief whiner about this integration about 2+ yrs back. :wink: Now it has been solid always.

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Just for the heck of it, turn on all your Hue lights and try changing your channel and see if it helps. Atleasr in your hue app, it should be 100%.


I wonder if my zigbee mesh just needs some time to find the best routes. It seems to be working slightly better now - though with a few issues here and there. The one light that was only working 20% of the time is now working almost every time… but one of the other ones is working but the status doesn’t update in the smartthings app right away.

Thank you for the suggestion about the channel… but it seems to be working fine from the Hue app - I just see one of the bulbs being disconnected at time but still seems to turn on and off when I attempt to do so from the Hue app. The Smartthings app is completely hit or miss though.

If it’s 100% from Philips native, then hit support!