ZigBee plugs and hue lights mesh issue

So quick question, if I have Philips hue bulbs and the bridge connected to SmartThings but also have some ZigBee plugs connected directly to SmartThings would these two essentially be on different ZigBee meshes? I have the Osram plugs are I know they are bad repeaters but that would not explain why the behave so badly in my setup, if however I have two ZigBee meshes competing then that would make sense.

Yes, this is exactly correct
Depending on the channel they could be directly interfering with each other or with your WiFi.

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Santa was good to hue and got me a Philips hub and light, I’ve had no end of problems with the light becoming unreachable.

My ST frequency was different to Philips and my WiFi. I changed my Philips frequency anyway but this made no difference. I moved the Philips hub away from my router ironically closer to my St hub and have had no issues since.

So try a different Philips hub location, my lights are upstairs and the hub downstairs, so the hub does not need to be right beside the lights.

Yeah my hue bridge is not “near” any light in particular,every bulb I have is hue except for one. Also the bridge is in the same room as my primary WiFi point but not beside so it’s not location for me. I’ve ordered zwave plugs to replace the ZigBee ones so hopefully that will solve the issue

@Paul_Fitzpatrick check your router and Philips hue frequency, perhaps they are using the same channel!!!

I have Google WiFi so 3 different channels in use there but none overlap with the hue

@Paul_Fitzpatrick similar to myself so, I use Linksys velop wifi . I tried using the ST plug which repeats both frequencies but they didn’t give me any better performance even after a zwave repair. Be interested to see how you fair on your repeaters.

I actually got outbid on the plugs at the last minute so back to the drawing board on that idea. Funny thing is my ZigBee plugs are now working fine again (at least the last few days) even though I’ve changed nothing. There must be something weird in this apartment, literally every bulb I have is hue, like 26 of them dotted everywhere yet routinely one or two won’t respond.

@Paul_Fitzpatrick That seems odd (at least to me), my understanding is the HUE bulbs are repeaters themselves. Had you only a few then fair enough it may be too much of a distance or interference between them but with that many I would have thought you had a strong mesh.

I’m going about a week now since I moved my hub (went underneath the stairs in a cupboard) and I have not lost any connections to my lights.

Just a thought, when you loose connection is it from the HUE app, ST app or both?

i practically never use the hue app anymore so its hard to say, i mostly just go through ST and Alexa, the failures there seem random. I have read on other threads here that the hue bulbs are poor repeaters when linked directly to ST, i just don’t know if they are also poor repeaters when still using the native bridge. My apartment is like a long L shape with the bridge at one end an i have noticed the bulbs to fail to follow a routine are usually at the farthest distance away. Moving it however isn’t really an option given the current layout.

Also i should say alexa only has access via ST so technically its all done through there, but again i get quite random and odd failures via ST. An example is that i have a zigbee button beside my bed that turns off all lights, when i press it not all lights always turn off, usually the ones farthest away from the hue bridge. Sometimes nothing responds at all and i have to press the button multiple times for it to eventually respond but when i check the ST app, all presses were logged it just didnt act on them to trigger the routine for some reason. I’ve tried smartapps, core and now webcore but the same issue happens at random.