Hue motion sensor connected to ST, can't find it in hue

Hi there…
I have several Hue motion sensors connected to smartthings using Bogdan Alexe’s device handler I added some years ago, and everything has been working since.
However I want to use one of those sensors in hue (third party app) instead of smartthings but I’m not able to reset the motion sensor properly. Now, I seem to recall reading something a long time ago about not being able to reconnect the motion sensor in Hue after connecting it to smartthings but I’m not really sure what that was all about. Can someone please shine some light over this issue please…

You need the dimmer switch method for Hue bulbs, which don’t have a reset button. Fortunately most of the accessories, including the indoor and outdoor motion sensors, do have a reset/setup button. :sunglasses: See the following:

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Thanks for the quick replies!
I have tried every viable app there is, including Hue essentials with touchlink.
The dimmer switch trick is a nice thought, although, like JDRoberts said, it’s for devices without reset button.
And of course I’ve tried the reset button as well.
There’s an odd behaviour when resetting a smartthings-linked motion sensor though, compared to a Hue-connected one. When holding the reset button 10-15 secs it blinks green/red for a second, then nothing.
A hue-connected motion sensor continues to blink with an orange light.
I’m wondering if there’s a firmware overwrite when using a device handler or am I just grasping for straws here? I mean it shouldn’t be right?

There’s no firmware overwrite.

The reason it continues to blink orange is because resetting the hue motion sensor immediately puts it into pairing mode. So blinking orange is a good sign, it means the reset process completed.

Did you delete it from the SmartThings app?

There’s a small possibility that it’s trying to rejoin the ST hub right away. You can try this:

  1. delete the sensor from ST if you didn’t already.

  2. unplug the ST hub

  3. reset the sensor using the reset button

  4. take the sensor batteries out. Leave out for one minute, then put back in.

  5. now join to the hue bridge using the normal method

  6. plug the ST hub back in.

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It seems you’re right! I think it repaired instantly to the ST hub. I deleted the corpse in the app, unplugged the ST hub and tried again from Hue, this time it worked! Thank you very much =)