Hue Mood Lighting help - doesn't see any of my Hue bulbs

Hi all,
hoping for some quick help this morning…

I am trying to set up virtual buttons to quickly dim my set of 3 Hue Lux bulbs in my living room. It looks like the “Hue Mood Lighting” is the best SmartApp to use for what I’m looking to do. The I am running in to right now though, is that none of the bulbs show up in the “Which Hue Bulbs?” section.

The bulbs ARE set up in SmartThings (they show up individually in Things), and actually in the Hue Mood Lighting app itself, they bulbs all show up in other sections (i.e. in the Switch section, along with my virtual switch and virtual button, I see all my bulbs there listed, which I found to be strange).

My Hue Bulbs were brought in to SmartThings via the Hue (Connect) SmartThings Labs, in case that makes any difference.

Am racking my head on what I thought would be a really easy overall thing to do… I already think it’s a bit crazy none of this is fully integrated, but I digress.

Thanks all!