Cant set up SmartLight APP "There are no devices of this capability" (HUE)

Hi, how are you?, i am new using ST and i am already having problems to set up things here, for now i only have my schlage door and my HUE lights connected to the hub, en i want to set up an scene like this

if the door opens then turn on one specific light for 10 minues.

i used to do this with vera edge and was very easy, i found you can use the “smart lights” app but when it ask “which lights do you want to control?” there is no option to select any bulb and it shows “there are no devices of this capability” so i dont know if i am doing something wrong or if there is another way to do this things.


Your Hue bulb should show up? I have three that show up to be selected in the smart lights app and allows very basic control of the color

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You need to discover your lights first and ensure they are in your list of devices.

This article should help:

Also, I would personally recommend using Lighting Director.

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Hi, thanks for all your replies, yes the hub is listed on “my home” and appear online, should the bulbs appear individually? ,

even with the lighting director is letting me to select the lock on “or using this lock” but is showing the same thing on “dim the following” doesnt recognize the bulds

ready, i added the hub but no the bulb! thanks you!

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This is how it looks on mine. Each is separate. Did you follow what @philulrich suggested? You need to setup the devices using the Hue app first, if all those individual bulbs are controllable from the Hue app then try the next step using the SmartThings app to add them to the ST hub. What version software are you running on the Hue hub? Mine updated the first time I set it up this month.