Hue Lights - Popcorn effect?


Added my Philips Hue lights with the “With SmartThings Hub” but i keep having an “popcorn effect”, when i look the devices says “Local” inside the but there is an delay between every light… :confused:

What am i doing wrong?

Not a thing. Just because they may be local doesn’t mean they turn on all at once. They’re “activated” in series because that’s how messages from the hub get sent out.

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Arh okay, so there is no way to stop the “delay” i guess then… :slight_smile:

No unfortunately, at least not yet.

One thing you can try is putting the bulbs into a lighting group. This reduces, but does not eliminate, the popcorn affect in my experience. But lighting groups can’t be used in automations, scenes, etc.

This is also one of the reasons Hue lights are recommended to be added to the Hue hub and then the Hue hub connected to SmartThings. That and if you ever need to reset these bulbs or update their firmware, you’ll need a Hue hub.

I got the Hue hub, and everything is still on the Hue Hub :slight_smile:

I added “Philips Hue With SmartThings Hub”, shoud i select Without SmartThings Hub?

no. use the with hub option is you have both hubs/bridges

But if i use the “With Hub” then it make’s the “popcorn effect”, just tried without and now it works just like before?

sorry, what’s the “like before” integration? I only see you reference the local, with hub option here.

Currently i got a HomeKit setup, but we have to reboot our ATV alot for the automation to work.
In HomeKit i have setup my Aqara buttons to turn on and off the lights in the specific, when i click the button the lamps is turning on all together at the same time.

Just got my ST today, and paired a button and Hue and it was like it turned the lights on one by one…
And it was when i choose “With hub”, now i tried “Without hub” and the lights works as before, maybe it’s a half or quarter second slower then HomeKit but atleast they turn on at the same time :slight_smile:

interesting. Both Homekit and SmartThings “with hub” option are integrations over the local LAN. But i’m guessing that Homekit is sending the command to the group in Hue and then Hue multicasts to the bulbs. SmartThings on the other hand sends commands to the individual bulbs when connected via LAN. Rather curious that the cloud-to-cloud version (non-hub) works better.