Hue lights auto turn off

Is there a way to get smart things automations to gradually dim my lights to off after a set period of time rather then just turning then off/on.
I know this can be done in hue app but I need certain conditions met for this to work

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I do this by using Alexa routines, unfortunately I’ve never found a way using ST alone.

So for example my Alexa devices are aware of the ST “things” it is also aware of the Hue Routines like wake up and bedtime so I can combine them.

Alexa - “Goodnight” - set the ST mode etc. - run Hue dim lights Over next x minutes.

Unfortunately I’m finding more and more that I have to combine platforms to get access to all of Hues capabilities n ST.

Thanks Rob, I have Alexa app and a dot. I’m having trouble setting this routine up. I want my master bedroom lights to dim over X period of time if turned on after 10pm.

Hi Mark, I have a hue routine called “Night Night” that is configured to fade out 3 rooms over 15 mins. This routine is available in Hue, but I have it set to disabled.

Instead of firing this at a specific time (which you will only be able to do in Hue app), the action of saying Goodnight starts the routine, so start fading when we tell it to.

If you find a better way I’d love to know what it is.

Ahhi see now, I’ve just realised I can run a hue routines from Alexa :grinning: I got it now,. Thank you, this will work just fine, I love this forums… Just one last thing, I assume Alexa ignores what ever start time you put in the hue routine and simply starts dimming it… Once again thank you for your time.

Hi Mark - in the Hue App, you are forced to set a start time for the routine, once you’ve set it up and saved it, disable the Routine in the Hue App - that way it won’t start automatically. When you run the Alexa routine - it ignores the time and simply starts it running.

Glad I could help…

Kudos to you bruv… Thank you, it will stop the misses from moaning :grinning:

You can do the same thing with IFTTT (trigger a Hue scene). :sunglasses:

And in both cases, you can do the complicated logic over on the SmartThings side and then turn on a virtual switch/sensor, and have that switch coming on be the “if” in either an Alexa routine or an IFTTT applet.

Unfortunately, there’s a bug right now with the Alexa/SmartThings integration, and the triggers are not working for all people all the time, which is very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I don’t know if the same issue is affecting Ifttt or not, I haven’t seen any reports on that.