Turn off Hue light after fixed period of time?



No sure if this is in the right category but here goes anyway…

I am guessing there is a very easy solution for this but I am yet to find it (only been with Smartthings for a week…).

I have setup a routine that is activated when motion is sensed from one of my Arlo cameras (the motion sensing is only active when my system is in ‘Away’ mode). When motion is sensed between certain hours (ie when it’s dark) it turns on a few Hue lights inside.

What I can’t work out how to add to this is to turn the lights off again after a set period of time.

Any ideas?


(jkp) #2

check out Smart Lights…

and if you are really adventurous check out webcore…

(Jimmy) #3

As jkp said, use smart lighting in this situation. It has an option for turn on based on motion and then off after X minutes of no motion.


Perfect thanks! Easy.

I had loaded a couple of Smartapps via the IDE website but had not gone into the Smartapps section on the phone app until now. Thanks again.

(Ben Erkens ) #5

Have you found it? It is called Smart Nightlight.


Hi, I found the Smartlights app and it seems to do what I am after. I will look into the Smart Nightlight app also thanks.