Hue dimmer switch

Hue dimmer switch.

I’ve installed this device handler I found which I thought was the most recent one for these remotes see below. (Alpha) hue dimmer switch (zha) beta (no hue bridge)

In the smartthings app it only shows up as island switch with a zero beside it and no on/off switch like below. Did I do something wrong or is there a better option?

You’ll get the quickest answer if you ask your question in the thread where you got the code. The author will be automatically notified when new posts go into that thread, and other people who are using the same code may also be able to help. :sunglasses:

Thank you. I did that but no response yet. I just wondered if anyone knew if this is the best option or is there another one out there somewhere.


If you ever get this working let us know.

Mine seemed to stay connected for one or 2 days and then disconnects.

Thought at first it was a hardware issue with my button, but if I connect the button directly with the hue app it stays connected.

@Mattferguson I’m getting the same result. Did you find a fix?

I think I have found a simple solution which will allow the control of any device from the hue dimmer switch. It certainly works fine for me with only a little latency

My solution is as follows

  1. Setup the dimmer to set a single hue light to a specific level
  2. Use the light level change to trigger an action in webcore

The change in dimmer status may not be exposed by the hue api, but the lights are…

Step 1 explained

  1. Assign the dimmer to a hue light that is rarely used and where no one will notice if the light turns on briefly, for example “storeroom light”
  2. Using the iconnecthue app I change the action of each dimmer button
  3. So button 1 sets the storeroom light to intensity 10, button 2 sets intensity to 11, button 3 to 12 and button 4 to 13 (I use the storeroom light as on/off on a day to day basis, so I am unlikely to inadvertently set the light to a level that will trigger an action through webcore)

Step 2 explained

Using webcore I setup a simple statement for each dimmer button

Button 1.

If storeroom light = 11 (10+1) then do x, then turn off store light

Button 2

If storeroom light = 12 (11+1) then do y, then turn off store light

Button 3

If storeroom light = 13 (12+1) then do z, then turn off store light

Button 4

If storeroom light = 14 (13+1) then do xyz, then turn off store light

nb, the light level per smartthings always seems to be 1 higher than you assign to the dimmer via the app, hence the +1

For my setup, I have only done this with 1 dimmer switch

The top button turns all smart lights in the house on (including fibaro dimmers, outside of hue)
The 2nd button turns the heating on for an hour
The 3rd button turns off the heating
The bottom button turns all smart lights in the house off (again including fibaro dimmers)

I hope this helps you too.