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Hue Bulb Factory Reset: SOLVED if your Hue Bulb is on a ZLL Channel

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Will this work on channel 19?

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I don’t think so but @JDRoberts can verify. I think not due to his link:

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Seems like it wont work then, do you know of somewhere I can buy Lutron connected bulb remote that has them in stock?

(Monte Montemayor) #41

Shoot, I didn’t know it wasn’t being sold. @JDRoberts, do you know if the Lutron PICO remote that comes with the Casetta Smart Wall Switches will work for this function?


The pico remote will not work, it’s on an entirely different frequency, not even zigbee.

A couple of people have told me that the Hue dimmer switch did work for this now even with bulbs which are not on the Hue channels, which it didn’t used to, but you could buy one of those and try it. I just don’t think it’s going to work.

There’s a German device you can buy, but it’s not cheap and it’s not that easy to get. So it might be something to do if you have a whole bunch of bulbs to reset.

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Yeah it costs 50€ delivered for that module. I do have a raspberry pi too. Not so sure its worth it for a single bulb.


Are you in the U.K.?

If so, there is another device available there that may work. It cost much less than the German device, usually around £15. It’s from an older Phillips line that was discontinued around 2008, but you can still sometimes find them on eBay in the UK. See the following thread:

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Im in Ireland, that device isn’t availible on ebay anymore.


The hue dimmer switch also works great for me to reset hue bulbs. Hold the on and off button for 15 seconds with the switch very close to the bulb.

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Does this factory reset the bulb or does this just unpair it to the actual dimmer switch?


I assume it’s a full reset. The light blinked three times and I was able to pair directly to a hub (Hubitat - sorry Smartthings) instead of the hue bridge it had been on.

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Interesting. I think I’ll try this. I have both the Lutron and several Hue Dimmers but I’m always trying to cover my bases :slight_smile:


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The hue dimmer switch also works great for me to reset hue bulbs. Hold the on and off button for 15 seconds with the switch very close to the bulb.

It resets them, but unless something has changed recently, it only works if they are on a ZLL channel. That’s the same issue with the method described in this thread. If your smartthings hub is using a non-ZLL channel, like 14, then the device issuing the reset command also has to transmit on that channel or the bulb won’t receive the reset instructions.

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I actually returned my smartthings hub. I was getting sick of the downtimes of the cloud service and that the hub wont work standalone. I since then got a Hue Bridge which was able to reset a bulb that was connected directly to a smartthings hub on channel 19. At first it didnt show up but when I entered the serial number of the bulb into the app it was able to find it and pair to it.

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Thanks to your posts, I was careful in avoiding that channel, and set up my channels to reduce interference as much as possible. I just wanted to point out there was an option to the Lutron switch since it’s no longer available. I thought I had also used an aeon remote to reset a hue bulb before but could be hallucinating.

I also understand the difference between a hub and bridge, so your efforts to enlighten people are working. :slight_smile: You have no idea how much you have helped me over the years!

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Your frustrations are shared which is why I’m starting to dabble with the Hubitat hub. Plus, my internet connection is horrible so something local is my only viable solution.

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Totally agree with this . @JDRoberts has made a huge difference! He’s the Prince of Smartthings. :smiley:

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I havent heard of this before until now. @JDRoberts, is running 100% local the kind of things ST can upgrade to with Firmware or is this an architectural/hardware impossibility? I rather like this idea since my LAN rarely goes out but my internet goes out from time to time.


I’ve only had it for a few days and am just toying with it. But I confess to standing there just turning on and off switches smiling as they work every time. There is a thread on it already if you are curious.


Thanks for the shout. There are lots of people who are super helpful in the forums, I just stand out because I’m interested in the protocols, which most people could care less about. :wink:

As far as local processing, I agree, we should take that conversation elsewhere. There is an existing thread about local processing and smart things which would be a good place for the architecture question.

As for hubitat, one of the most interesting ideas is that several people are planning to use it as an add on to smartthings, just to give them a place to do local processing for some specific use cases. So I would take those conversations to that thread: