Hue Bulb Color Temp change based on outdoor light condition

I just bought the Philips Hue because I couldnt decide if I wanted soft warm white lights for relaxing evening lighting, or 6000K for daylight kitchen lighting. I dont like the warm look during the day since everything looks orange.
So my question is if anybody has thought or a solution for changing the light of the bulbs automatically based on the outdoor light conditions. So cloudy day with higher Kelvin, lights would have more blue tint, and the later it gets they would start to lower the Kelvin value to adjust for sun setting.
Could be done by time of day, or if there is a sensor, even more advanced.

HI, I’m looking for the same setup. A colour temperature sensor that I can place in a room with better solar exposure and then I could artificially use the lights on other room to create the same environment (colour and intensity). Did you came up with a solution?

Hi, I’m looking for something similar: a color temperature sensor that could adjust my Hue color temperature and brightness, so that it always match the color and brightness I setup.
With this setup, I’d like to adjust my lights so that the light seems to be always sunny for example, even when it’s cloudy outside.
Does anyone have a solution for this?

It sounds like you are asking for something which is the opposite of what this particular thread is about. :thinking:

This thread is about a device which can sense the temperature color of the existing environmental light and then use that to control the settings of a smart bulb so it matches the outdoor light.

But it sounds like you want to do the opposite: you just want to set the color temperature of a lightbulb regardless of what is happening with the outdoor light.

If so, that’s actually very easy: you just have to buy a lightbulb which is adjustable for colour temperature. There are many of these models which work with smartthings, including some from Philips hue. Hue models with the word “ambiance” in the model name can adjust the white colour temperature from about 2700 K to about 6500 K. Phillips also calls this “warm to cool white.“

But you can’t adjust the colour temperature on a lightbulb which is not designed for that.

Hi @JDRoberts,

First of all, thank you very much for your reply.

You’re right that I don’t want the temperature color to match the environmental light, but I want the environmental light to be analyzed with a sensor, so that the temperature color of the light will be adjusted so that it matches the one I want.

But as an example, if the environmental color is bright enough and its temperature si inside the two values I selected, then my light should be turned off.

Another example: in a cloudy day with a cold temperature, the light bulb temperature should be warmer so that the mix of the environmental and my Hue lights are matching the value I want.

Basically, I want my Hue light to adjust itself continuously according to the environmental light, until the sensor reach the values of temperature and brightness I setup.

I hope this is more understandable explained like this.

Do you think this would be possible?

Thank you for your help anyway!