Hue Bulb Color Temp change based on outdoor light condition

I just bought the Philips Hue because I couldnt decide if I wanted soft warm white lights for relaxing evening lighting, or 6000K for daylight kitchen lighting. I dont like the warm look during the day since everything looks orange.
So my question is if anybody has thought or a solution for changing the light of the bulbs automatically based on the outdoor light conditions. So cloudy day with higher Kelvin, lights would have more blue tint, and the later it gets they would start to lower the Kelvin value to adjust for sun setting.
Could be done by time of day, or if there is a sensor, even more advanced.

HI, I’m looking for the same setup. A colour temperature sensor that I can place in a room with better solar exposure and then I could artificially use the lights on other room to create the same environment (colour and intensity). Did you came up with a solution?