Hue app confusion

So after days of searching, reading, installing, uninstalling, and screaming at my ST hub…I’m still no closer to triggering on/off, color, and brightness for multiple selected bulbs in my entire house… i.e. … triggering a scene.

What is the best smartapp for this? I’ve found discussions on 3 different apps that seem to overlap, branch, sometimes work, sometimes don’t etc etc etc.

  1. HLGS
  2. Hue (ReConnect)
  3. Hue B Smart

Is there a “finished”, stable app that doesn’t take a PHD to install and get working? I fought with Hue B Smart for a day or so before throwing in the towel on that one.

My end goal is to trigger a scene with a virtual switch (which is in turn controlled from Google Home, IFTTT, phone widget, etc). The included SmartLights app is close, but can’t render proper whites, and is very limited. But at least it was easy to set up, and I got it to control multiple lights with one switch.

I can use the Hue app to create the scenes if needed, if I can find a way to overcome Philip’s PITA duplication of scene names and the fact that they aren’t deleted on the bridge. (I tried using the debug tool, but when I followed the instructions and plugged “http://” into Chrome, I just got a bunch of scrambled characters.)

BTW - I’m a fairly experienced developer, but brand new to ST. This is so frustrating!

Try this:

Create the virtual switch:

  1. Log in to
  2. go to “My Devices”
  3. Add device
  4. Give it a name, and network id (can be anything just has to be unique - e.g., virtualswitch1)
  5. Under type, select “Momentary Button Tile”
  6. Select your home and location
  7. Click Create

You’re done creating the button you will use to trigger your scene and done with the web site. You can use that “switch” as a trigger for SmartLighting, or other apps.

Does that help?

I’ve had really good success using this DTH and Smart App
Instructions on how to install are in the first post.

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@stevesell Thanks, but I know how to create and use virtual switches…I use a BUNCH of them to talk between ST and Google Home, and they work great. The problem is the SmartLighting app itself; it doesn’t properly set the colors of the new Hue bulbs. ST support verified this in an email to me, but say they have no ETA on when it will be fixed.

@Jimxenus I think that was one of the ones I couldn’t get to work properly. Seems that their device drivers also had an issue with my new Hue bulbs, if I remember correctly.

I’ve given myself a crash course in CoRE (which is incredible BTW), and can control everything with it. It’s a lot of tedious manual setup, but it does give complete control over every aspect of a “scene” by setting up a piston for each one.

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