Hubs for Schlage Connect

I recently bought a Schlage Connect and realized in order to do things remotely you have to buy a hub. I want to be able to unlock and lock remotely. I want to be able to create user codes, set codes for specific people and set some codes to expire. What hub do I need to buy in order to do all this? thanks so much.

I hear Samsung makes something like that.

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Where do I sign up?

Sorry couldn’t help myself.

To actually answer the OP’s question: any hub with a z-wave controller should work. But since you’ve stumbled upon the SmartThings community forum, have you looked into that?

SmartThings Z-Wave hub.

To create user codes you will need to get some SmartApps (and a Device Handler if you want to use the advanced features of your Schlage Connect beyond just the lock/unlock like autolock, keypad control etc).

If you’re looking for a one stop shop for locks/user management and don’t mind signing up for access check our for SmartApps and Device Handlers for integrating your lock with SmartThings (beyond just the lock/unlock which doesn’t require any special apps or device handlers). It has all the instructions required to install it and get you going. There are also some other options available around the community.

Make sure that your Schlage Connect has a Z-WAVE module installed, if you bought it without the Z-Wave module it won’t work with SmartThings.