Hub - Zigbee ID for

I’ve been looking at examples of people making tweaks to their device types and I’m interested in trying out a few of those.

The one question I can’t seem to find is how to locate my zigbee ID to get the hub registered. I was under the impression it was my welcome code, but after reviewing the getting started video in the help section I realize that number is much too short.

Can you direct me to how I located the zigbee ID for the hub?

Thanks in advance

Click on the My Hub category in the Developer Tools. You will see IEEE address for your Hub listed under Zigbee ID.

Hey there,

You can’t currently add a hub via our site. You’ll need to open the mobile app. If you’ve already created an account on the mobile app you can open the left menu then click the gear at the top to add the hub in.

Hop on live chat at if you need any help.


Found it - thanks for the help, it wasn’t until you mentioned the mobile app that I thought they must be the same login. I thought I had to create a new login for the graph.api.smarthings.,com website.

When I login I see it automatically populates the hub and zigbee ID, along with my devices.

Thanks again