Hub replacement

is the v3 hub being replaced?

no. there is a rebranded version of the v3 hub that will be released by aeotec. same hub just new seller.

Thanks. Need to replace my Wink hubs

i should have pointed out the new aeotec hub will not be available in North America for a few months.

it might be difficult to find a ST v3 hub at this time. they keep going in/out of stock at merchants. so you have to keep a constant eye for one.

you can sign up to be informed when the aeotec hub becomes available

Will the V3 still be upgradeable? I found one hust want to make sure it has a future.

yes, the firmware will continue to be upgraded for the foreseeable future. the v2 is still getting updates

I think Wink might be officially dead now. Too bad for the timing that Smartthings is transitioning to Aeotec and there is an interruption in stock. They could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. I do think the Aeote deal is a positive sign though for Smartthings future.


No one has made any promises, so to be honest, there’s no way “to be sure.“

The smartthings terms of service do allow them to drop support at any time without any notice, but that’s always been true. Usually from a public relations standpoint companies tend to give as much notice as they can, but they are not legally obligated to do so.

So… Community expectation is that Aeotec will operate upgrade support for their new hub exactly the same way as smartthings did, and that Samsung will continue to provide upgrades that will work with the older Samsung brand devices, but there just isn’t any way to tell in advance.

Timing is bad. I want to move from Wink asap, but don’t have a readily available replacement unless i want to go to HA.

If you look around stock of the Smartthings hubs show up from time to time.

What devices did you have on wink? I came from Wink in May when they started the subscription fiasco, with mostly Zwave devices. There’s been complaints about Smartthings, and I was a little annoyed with the new app, but I am thrilled with it compared to Wink. Keep in mind if you use Lutron Caseta devices , there’s no Lutron radio in Smartthings and you need a Lutron hub as well.

I have Home Assistant as well and run both Smartthingsand Home Assistant together. Home-assistant is powerful but overly complicated. I hate the Zwave integration in Home Assistant so all my Zwave devices are still connected to Smartthings.

If you’re really in a pinch, a used Smartthings hub might be an option (I’m sure others will strongly disagree). If you cant get the Smarthings hub and have an old laptop lying around, you can buy a cheap zwave/zigbee stick and try Home-assistant running on the laptop in Docker, but it will be a huge pain to setup.

Luckily no Lutron. I have 10+ GE switches and outlets, ARLO, Ring, Schlage locks, Ihome and Amazon plugs as well as Leaksmart sensors and valve. Wink worked well with my infrastructure, but I can no longer tolerate the outages. Now experiencing 36+ hours. Bad timing with no availability to Smartthings hubs. Don’t know when Aeotec is going to be available in the US. I looked into the Samsung mesh router but that seems to be an expensive solution and cannot find anywhere except Samsung directly. Thanks for your assessment of Home Assistant. I was looking into this as an option but you confirmed the learning curve issue.

The GE switches work well. Unless they are really old You can use custom code to access advanced configuration and control other devices with double tap. That wasn’t an option on Wink. I’ve updated a lot of the custom code for those available here

The ring integration works fine. I have Kwikset locks but Schlage should work too.

Not too familiar with the other devices but Smartthings should be a good fit. Hopefully you can find one.

Will the UK version of Aeotec hub work in the USA? I know the power needs to be converted.

It depends what you mean by “work.“

Just as mobile phones operate on different frequencies in different regions, Z wave operates on different frequencies in different regions. In fact that’s intentional, to keep it from interfering with local first responder communications.

The UK version of the hub has a radio which operates on the UK zwave frequency. Consequently, it can only communicate with other devices on the UK Zwave frequency. It will not work with devices on US Z wave frequency. And for hubs of this generation, the frequency cannot be changed after manufacture. (That may change with series 700, but we’re not there yet.)

In some countries, it is illegal to operate on an out of region zwave frequency, because of that potential interference.

In the US, it’s not illegal to operate a hub of another country’s frequency, but it will mean that forever after you have to find devices on that same frequency. So you won’t be able to use Zooz or GE or Inovelli devices with a UK hub.

Whether that meets your requirements or not, I don’t know.