Hub Inactive Notifications

I swear there used to be a place to turn the active/inactive notifications off? Can I still disable this – or better yet, just send me a text message instead of all my users


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Same goes for battery notifications…

@Kristopher, @SBDOBRESCU,

If you have a device still running v1.7.6 you can still manage those settings. Both of those automatic notifications allow you to pick who and how notifications are sent.

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just in:

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Looks like I cannot click the link. I wish the hub would notify us that it is running on batteries and then again when they are (x) amount of min for power.
My hub hasn’t being running on power cord since day one , customer service (which has been awesome) has sent me a new one.
But it had me thinking why do we not receive a notification/warning when it is running on batteries?

Can’t click the link either :frowning: Can you help me get the summary?

So you can still configure the Low Battery Notification and Hub Offline Notification sections of Hello Home from the old App but not from the V2 app. That made me start looking into it and I found something interesting about the platform on the way. Anyone else want to verify it or any SmartThings employees comment on it?

Create a new smartapp and put this in the code section

    name: "Hello Home",
    namespace: "Hello Home",
    author: "SmartThings",
    description: "Hi",
    category: "",
    iconUrl: "",
    iconX2Url: "",
    iconX3Url: "")

When you go to the marketplace and then My Apps and start to install it you get the already installed instance of Hello Home with all of your existing routines and down at the bottom is the place to configure Low Battery Notification and Hub Offline Notification. This happens even though there is no code in this new smart app, it pulls the existing Hello Home code.


Oh wow interesting…

low battery and hub offline are not a big issue for me… I really need to be able to say all or no notifications goto certain users…
The bulk of my notifications are not low battery etc.

This isn’t a problem that I solved, or particularly needed to be solved, I’ve only re-posted the info from a private forum.