Hub missing from IDE

I recently upgraded from a v1 to a v2 hub. Following the instructions for this I got to the part where it wanted me to delete my location. This failed with a server error and it wouldn’t let me delete the location. Since I was basically having to start from scratch anyway I just create a new account with a new email address for the new hub. I went through the setup process and followed all the instructions. The problem is that when I went to the IDE my hub wasn’t there. I get a message to “claim my hub” in the app. Doing some searching I found that there are apparently two different servers.

When I go to the 2nd link above I see my hub and everything is fine. The problem is that apparently Alexa only sees and talks to the first server. If I tell Alexa to discover my devices it finds nothing. Anyone have a solution to this?

.1. First read my FAQ to make sure you understand what a SmartThings Cloud “Shard” is and how to determine which one your Location (Hub) is on:

.2. Next, understand that any SmartThings published SmartApp (like Amazon Alexa, ActionTiles, etc.) – i.e., not “self-published / published for-me”) – will automatically install into the correct Shard. You need never know your shard if you are only installing published SmartApps.

.3. So… Why isn’t your Alexa working? It must be installed into the wrong Shard, right?


A. Uninstall Alexa SmartApp and uninstall it hard! Make sure you go into the IDE for your Shard, open My Locations / Location / SmartApps / Edit / Uninstall.

B. Install the Amazon Echo SmartApp again; being careful to select your active Hub’s Location on the OAuth Thing Authorization Page that will appear.

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I appreciate the reply and had seen this same reply to users with this same issue in other threads. I do indeed understand what the shard is. I had created a blank home location on na01 before I realized my hub was showing up on na02. Deleting the blank location from na01 fixed the Alexa issue.

Now, later that day, my hub also disappeared from na02. I could log into either server and the hub was gone. In frustration I finally spent an hour on hold with smartthings support. They said that indeed my hub was still on na02 but I would not be able to see it unless I logged in by clicking the “login with samsung account” on the login page. Go figure. Don’t know what’s going on architecturally on their servers but I can only see my hub by going to na02 and using the samsung account. Support told me they were migrating all accounts this way. In addition it broke the Alexa functionality. According to support I will no longer be able to use Alexa until they get these account issues straight.

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Well this is a fine piece of :poop: :confounded:.

There’s nothing wrong with SmartThings making authentication / etc / architecture changes, but:

  1. It would be nice if the changes didn’t mess stuff up.

  2. If #1 isn’t possible, it would be super helpful if the Community were kept informed, in advance, so that us “Helpful” (volunteer!) Community Members could be - much more … helpful.

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Apparently they have a list of people having this issue and are going to respond to all of us once it is corrected.

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