Hub/Gadget Shelving?

So, in addition to the ST hub on my desk there is a Hue Bridge, an Echo Connect, an Ooma Telo 2, a Sonos Connect and two 8-port gigabit switches. As you can imagine, there is a lot of desk real estate taken up with these items. I trying to minimize the foot print.

I am thinking about stacking them; but I’d like to keep some vertical space between each gadget for air circulation and cooling. Is there some kind of ventilated, mini-shelving I should look into?

Bear in mind that there is a WAF that requires things to meet a certain level of décor.

Cannot speak from experience because I am fortunate to have a “wiring” closet in a hidden closet under my staircase in the central part of my home. But I did a quick search and saw this picture. Interesting idea of getting a shallow cabinet and wall mount things.


Some of your devices can be screwed or attached upside-down (switch, ST-hub) below your desk rather than on your desk or on the side of the desk. The only ones to keep on would be the one you need to interact with either visually or due to IR remote or touches that need direct access.

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I have a wiring closet and there is a lot of stuff in there including a wifi router that is mounted above the closet. I was trying to keep some of the other stuff away from that router by putting it on my desk. The desk and other furniture is rather pricey and I’d prefer not to drill holes to hang things.

I know. My life is hard…

I have a board mounted to a wall in my unfinished part of the basement. All my network equipment and power injectors for the access points are mounted to it. All my Cat-5 runs to it into a patch panel. The SmartThings hub is on my desk, powered by the UPS that powers my desktop server and work computer. A separate UPS powers the network equipment and access points because of the power injectors…including one AP in my detached garage because of underground cable I ran. If you can do it, I highly suggest a network “closet” or cabinet where things can be centrally ran and powered through backup battery.