Hardware Organization

(Chuck Enright) #1

I need some suggestions on how to organize my home networking devices. Not the built-in or peg-board where I can hide the device, but rather an economical way to cut the device clutter in my small home office and provide some dust protection. Not that hiding everything is a bad idea, I just think that this may not be permanent enough to warrant the work.Besides my wife is thinking I may need some help budgeting my money :confused:

Partial device list:
SmarthThings hub
Hue hub
Obi202 (voip)
Chamberlain myQ hub
Cisco cable modem
Netgear Nighthawk X6 router
D-link 5 port Gigabit switch (wishing I had ethernet wired throughout house)
Alexa Dot (only until Google Home becomes smarter)

(Michael Sammon) #2

hide it
think it through
dont just do it
have a well thought out plan

(Jason Mok) #3

Get a powerline ethernet device or wifi-to-ethernet bridge. Find a closet that’s central in your home with a power. Keep your ST hub, Hue Hub and myQ hub there.

(Chuck Enright) #4

I don’t have power to any closet. But my garage office is next to the garage. I could use a wifi-to-ethernet bridge there as the wifi router would only be separated by the adjoining wall. Thanks for the tip.


Ah, the fun part of any project – – making it appear invisible!

You’re going to need to be a little careful, though; It sounds like you’re going to have your devices too close together and you may get Wi-Fi/zigbee interference.

Can somebody else please go into the details of that. Thanks! :sunglasses:

(Robin) #6

Wifi / Zigbee can interfere with each other. You need to keep any wifi-hubs / transmitting devices at least 1-2 meters away from your Zigbee hubs.

You suggestion of putting the smartthings hub on an Ethernet-wifi bridge could cause issues, unless you get a longer Ethernet lead and keep a large gap between the two.

Using a power line adapter (with wifi turned off) will be you best option for positioning the ST hub in your office.


Powerline adapters used to interfere with Zwave hardware plugged into house power. Was this remedied at some point? Why I never tried power line.