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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

Honestly not sure. I haven’t paired any Z-Wave devices in a while. I had issues pairing one a couple of years ago, I think. I just don’t recall seeing this error until now, but then again, I don’t do Z-Wave repairs all that often, either. So probably is that one. Can I just contact support about it or just ignore it?

It’s there forever unfortunately. Some folks have been successful manually creating a zwave device and giving it their ghost ID and then going through the Remove process in the mobile app. I have one device as well from a couple years ago that I won’t go away with that trick, so I just ignore it. Seach for ghost device and you’ll see a few discussions about that.

@Kianoosh_Karami, There’s not much ST support can do to clean up ghost devices in a zwave mesh, right?

That got it. I just didn’t know the right words to search for apparently. Thanks!

Now, I just have the one Z-Wave switch showing offline even though it seems to work just fine. I may try flipping the breaker off and back on and see if that will get it to start communicating better.

Appreciate the link. Going to put that one in my bookmarks. If I assume the firmware numbers are the same across the different devices, that would mean my hub is pretty far behind which kind of sucks. I would have expected it to be receiving updates on par with the V3 hub. Then again I could be making the wrong assumption.

Contacting support would be as good as ignoring it… :rofl:
I created a support ticket weeks ago for one of my GE zigbee switch, all I received is a ticket is created email and then absolutely nothing.

There seems be another issue with the 25.26 and the Schlage FE599 lock.

When I try to pair it, I get a green light on the lock indicating successful pairing. However on the ST app I don’t see any devices found. When I look at the IDE under My Devices, I don’t see any new device/lock. I look at the hub logs and I don’t see any devices pairing/added events either.

Then I start the general exclusion process and then start the exclusion steps in the lock and it successfully excludes from the network (the ST app tells me that a device was excluded AND the lock also confirms with a green light). When I look at the event logs I see that device was removed:

zw removed device: 1B

I’m able to consistently repeat this pattern, it keeps pairing but won’t show in the list of devices and then I’m able to exclude it and I keep seeing the exclusion events and messages

zw removed device: 1A

What can I do to help get to the bottom of this?

EDIT: This issue has been resolved, it was due a “stale” cache. See this topic for more details:

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Hey @RBoy

Can you DM me with the hub ID?

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Although totally off topic as this is completely irrelevant to the FW upgrade, I had a few of these ghost devices and yes, Support can and will remove them - there is no way for you to do it yourself. It’s mostly an annoyance unless you have maxed out the number of devices and it is trying to reuse old IDs. At the same time, if it is still in the mesh and nothing is there I have to think that it would add to some instability.

Definitely file a Support case but also expect to wait a while for them to delete it since it’s a low severity issue. I lived with it for a while and finally opened a case in Nov and it was done in January but that might have been also due to the holidays. Once Support did get around to doing it, it was done correctly and without any side-effects.

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That could be the root of all Z-Wave problems you’ve had. Support saved me many times by removing these when the method you described failed. Even though you may need to wait 6 months until you get an answer, is worth putting a ticket in for it. Or if you buy @Brad_ST a beer he might pull a magic trick and save the day for you. :slight_smile:

Maybe, but this has been a problem since the very beginning. My solution has been to focus on Zigbee, which for me has been exceedingly more reliable than zwave. In fact, 4 new zigbee devices are in my mailbox waiting for me to get home from work :wink:

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Is anyone else having trouble with the Zen thermostat after the update? I can’t get it to do anything on the app and it also doesn’t appear to be working when I try it manually either.

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Which version of the app are you using? Classic or the new app? I believe there is an issue with Zen thermostats in the new app.

It is the new app. In fact my air conditioning just turned on. I live in NW PA. The air conditioning should never come on in March here. I keep trying to fix it but nothing is happening and the air is staying on. I should also mention that I am unable to even change the thermostat manually.

Same here. I have two ZEN thermostats and they’re both not working as of today.

My house is freezing.

I can’t even use the thermostat manually - if I tap the display it just says “ZEN”.

That is exactly what my thermostat says. I’m trying to reset it but I doubt this will work.

have you checked the logs to make sure its not in the middle of the firmware update that came with the hub update?

It looks like my hub received this update yesterday and has been offline with the solid blue light for over 24 hours. Checking my networking devices shows that it’s not receiving an IP address anymore, has this update had any issues with the network ports?

The log is a complete mess. At some point the air conditioning turned on by itself. However, I reset the thermostat and reconfigured it and the heat seems to be on now. It might be awhile before the house gets up to the correct temperature to exactly what will come next.

Could you please private message me with your account information and some information about your network equipment? We are tracking issues related to some network equipment potentially behaving badly with this release and more data is helpful.

Anyone else who has issues with their hub stuck in a solid blue LED please also reach out to me. Alternately rebooting any network equipment between the hub and your internet connection should get things working again.

Hey Jessica,

How did you reset your ZEN? I tried on mine (pressed Config 20x and then rejoin) but it’s still just showing “ZEN” on the display. Thanks for any tips you can share!

I can’t believe I can’t turn on the heat.