Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

There seems be another issue with the 25.26 and the Schlage FE599 lock.

When I try to pair it, I get a green light on the lock indicating successful pairing. However on the ST app I don’t see any devices found. When I look at the IDE under My Devices, I don’t see any new device/lock. I look at the hub logs and I don’t see any devices pairing/added events either.

Then I start the general exclusion process and then start the exclusion steps in the lock and it successfully excludes from the network (the ST app tells me that a device was excluded AND the lock also confirms with a green light). When I look at the event logs I see that device was removed:

zw removed device: 1B

I’m able to consistently repeat this pattern, it keeps pairing but won’t show in the list of devices and then I’m able to exclude it and I keep seeing the exclusion events and messages

zw removed device: 1A

What can I do to help get to the bottom of this?

EDIT: This issue has been resolved, it was due a “stale” cache. See this topic for more details:

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