Hub Firmware Beta 47.3

Hey @Diegocampy

Can you please confirm which of the Ikea devices you have? Any chance you know the model name or raw description?


Sounds like the mirror function is looping (A toggle → B toggle → A toggle → B toggle). The mirror function has never been reliable for me and I abandoned using it a while back. I created separate routines to sync devices.

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I mostly use mirror/sync one way but I have two z-wave switches that cover the small fenced area the dog “goes” in. For those I’ve got two-way sync set up.

It’s been very reliable except for one night recently at 1am when they got in that type of loop. The dog kind of stood there looking confused until I got it under control. :grinning::worried:

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I had a similar experience syncing a smart switch to smart bulbs. Most of the time it worked, but occasionally it would loop and blink, flooding the hub with events. If the devices involved don’t de-dupe the state changes (e.g. check if ON, before setting ON), this will inevitably happen. Most devices don’t.

The device becomes more advanced with the inclusion of brightness control. However, it operates in a disordered fashion when attempting to turn it off after it cycles through various brightness levels, and further events are added to the cycle. My spouse, who was suffering from a cold, attempted to lower the brightness in our bedroom but ended up with a headache and in tears.

@alissa.dornbos is that hard to limit the number of events flooding into the smart lights?

I can give this information about the remote control:

From ide you can no longer see information, having used the automatically recognized edge drive “Zigbee button”

Using this TAustin Browser+:

I am able to get this information. I hope there is what you need:

If you need anything else, just ask. Do I have to report this info also on Centercode?

I’m seeing this issue as well. It is the switch they market as a ‘dimmer switch’ but it is actually an E1743 TRADFRI On/Off Switch and you call it something similar.

I do note that there is an error in the logcat when either button is long pressed:

2023-03-09T09:19:47.139607725+00:00 TRACE Zigbee Button  Received event with handler zigbee
2023-03-09T09:19:47.140414433+00:00 WARN Zigbee Button  Error encountered parsing Zigbee message defaulting to generic body: [string "st/zigbee/cluster_base.lua"]:596: attempt to index a nil value (global 'log')

Button 1 seems unconcerned and works normally. Button 2 (the 1 button on the actual hardware) does not generate events for this long press.

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Can I ask if you can get Zigbee OTA support in the Edge drivers fixed?

I have acquired some Iris v2 motion sensors, and my v2 hub is not updating ones with slightly older firmware. This used to work on the old built-in driver. E.g., FAQ: Iris Device Firmware Versions - #32 by jlv

We have identified the issue with the ikea buttons and a fix should be included in the 47.4 release which we are targeting to go to the beta population tomorrow (3/10).



At the risk of distracting you from other things, do you happy to know if the problem with the Z-Wave lock defaults was reported to you?

This one; Correct Z-Wave Lock API Command - #75 by orangebucket

Even I could tell it wasn’t right.

Good evening.
I am also having the same problem. I haven’t received the update on either of my Hubs, despite being part of the firmware beta program. Can you help me. Thank you

I’ve forwarded this to the appropriate team

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We discovered a regression introduced in our 47.4 build during testing and so the release will not be going out today. We expect a 47.5 to be through testing and ready to release early next week.


I see 47.5 has hit my hub, were there any release notes?

47.5 in my hub. Now Ikea dimmer work fine thanks :+1:

We expect a 47.6 to be through testing and ready for the beta either tomorrow or early next week.


This Zigbee OTA issue should be corrected in the 47.10 firmware which should be released to the beta population today or tomorrow.


Today my hub was update with047.00011
any more info Changelog ?

It is tacked on the end of the first message.


[quote=“orangebucket, post:41, topic:259699”]
It is tacked on the end of the first message.
[/quote] sorry, I did not read.