Hub Firmware Beta 0.31.4

Version: 0.31.4

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub v3)

Release Date:

  • June 15, 2020

Release Notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where Z-Wave devices with more than several endpoints would be added without manufacturer and version info (Bug introduced in 0.31.3 Hub Firmware Release)

Will this correct the device information for already added Z-wave devices, or do people have to exclude and re-add them again to get the values corrected?

Last week added several Iris Smart Outlets with Z-wave repeaters. I saw 2 of those come in with ver/zwv being empty. I assume that is problem being corrected.

new1 zw:L type:0F01 mfr:0246 prod:0001 model:0001 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:5E,72,86,5A,73,85,59
new2 zw:L type:0F01 mfr:0246 prod:0001 model:0001 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:5E,72,86,5A,73,85,59
new3 zw:L type:0F01 mfr:0246 prod:0001 model:0001 ver:1.02 zwv:0.00 lib:06 cc:5E,72,86,5A,73,85,59

This past weekend I installed two GE/Jasco in-wall dimmers, and I noticed that one was missing values for mfr/prod/mode… These are three identical switches purchased 3 years ago; the old one I installed 3 years ago and the new ones I just installed. Is this problem also fixed by this release (or is this even a problem)?

new1 zw:L type:1101 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3031 ver:3.35 zwv:3.40 lib:06 cc:26,27,73,70,86,72,77
new2 zw:L type:1101 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:3.37 zwv:3.67 lib:06 cc:26,27,73,70,86,72,77
old1 zw:L type:1101 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3031 ver:3.37 zwv:3.67 lib:06 cc:26,27,73,70,86,72,77

To the best I can tell, all these devices are functioning correctly.

is 31.4 still being released today?

nevermind, it just arrived :slight_smile:

Yep, sorry for the delay. Had to hunt some gremlins from our preprod deploy that pushed out the beta deploy by a little bit.

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I got 0.31.4 and none of the data displayed in the IDE changed.

Since 31.3 and now with 31.4 I have lost some app control between z wave associated devices Inovelli Red Series dimmer and Inovelli Illum Bulbs. My dimmer is only sending on/off to the associated bulbs, the set level commands are appearing as digital interactions with dimmer, in the logs and resulting in the dimmer being adjusted but it isn’t being relayed to the bulbs. Physical interactions appear normal.
EDIT - Noted on Inovelli Community board as well.

I can only assume that the reason no lights in my house work (again) are because of your piss-poor quality control. STOP BREAKING THINGS!!! Your testing is literally non-existent. This is without doubt the worst product I have ever had the misfortune to purchase.

Are you even on the beta program? and if you are why are you? We are the testers, we all do it as we are geeks and want the latest stuff first and dont mind a few issues along the way


Confirmed that it’s fixed the multi endpoint issue.

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