Hub Firmware Beta 0.30.4

Same here. Multichannel switch fixed but no temperature readings from Fibaro UBS.

How do I get the beta firmware. I could really do with this update?

@immortal, for now you are late for the beta. If there are not other issues, then you will receive the production version next week, if the planned release will go by the 12th as it was expected.

Ok. For future reference, how do I get beta firmware. If a problem like this arises again.

Are all new firmwares released as beta first? If so, how was this problem not picked up earlier?

@mpikounis, @johnny2678 and @immortal, have a look here for a detailed explanation what was happening and how the UBS should be fixed.

And some advice from @jody.albritton, if you are using the UBS with custom DH.

Z-Wave Issues with Firmware Update 30.3

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All is working now - including the temp sensor by polling as suggested by @Kailash_Sabhnani. I still have some objections regarding the handling of this crisis by ST but that’s a different discussion I guess.

Actually… not everything is OK. I am having issues with a FIBARO Double Relay (222). The first device works fine - turns on, reports status etc. However, the second child device is tuning on/off but status is not updated as it should.

I hit ON and I get a “Turning On” icon with no status notifications in the “Recently” tab of the child device. This was working prior to 0.30.3.

Any ideas?

I have joined the beta program, any chance the application can be accepted to see if this fixes my zigbee, multipurpose sensors, and motion sensors being offline? Thank you in advance.

Noone in the beta had these specific devices.


Did a test with a 10 endpoint device and it’s working as expected.

I got the 0.30.4 beta firmware but I don’t seem to have been accepted at centercode so I am unable to leave feedback. My Fibaro Flood Sensor is still not reporting temperature. I opened it up and pressed TMP while selecting ‘configuration’ from the app. I got an updated battery report from it, but still no temperature.

+1 to this. Finally back to stock DTH and local processing on 5 fibaro dimmer 2’s. Yay! :raised_hands:t4::muscle:t4:


@jlv, have you tried what @Kianoosh_Karami suggested with the polling of the device, by changing the code with that snippet?