HTTP(s) post to refresh, how?

Hi - i’ve got an issue with a number of A/C units which do not update certain values. I received this response from Samsung about it:

We have received feedback from our development team, as it is now, this is expected behavior due to some restrictions our team is currently working on.

Meanwhile, a refresh is necessary to update the values for these capabilities, you can refresh a device by sending a POST request to{deviceId}/commands with request body:

{ "commands": [ { "component": "main", "capability": "refresh", "command": "refresh", } ] }

After this one, execute your status request as usual and you will receive the actual values you are looking for.

The thing is, i have zero idea how to issue this POST request. None of my existing custom integrations require POST’ing anything so i’m clueless.

Also, the URL they point me to is HTTPS and i can see little information for how to POST to HTTPS (instead of HTTP). I know my device IDs but i can’t see how to authenticate with them, or even what authentication is required.

In short, i have no idea what i’m looking for to achieve this, and since asking Samsung for help with this i’ve not actually got a straight answer back as to ‘how’ i can do what they are asking me to do. I’m not even sure which category this comes under in the forums to be honest…

Any pointers please? Cheers!

You will need a SmartApp token or Personal Access Token

Then, you will be able to make requests from your custom integrations to SmartThings API.


Hi - Thanks for this, i will give it a go later and see how i get on…!

All the best!