Smart App - Command Refresh on the new platform?


Under the previous ecosystem you could command devices to “refresh”, I want to assume you can still do this under the current ecosystem, but want to ask how since is not documented as being capable nor proper command(s) to send. I assume something like (json):

                command: ''refresh",
                capability: 'refresh',
                component: 'main',
                arguments: []

Background, reason I want to do this as I have found it takes care of a problem where the 2nd generation Motion Sensors get into a state where they just report temp and never see motion again. By forcing a refresh every so often (every ~12 hours), I have noticed that it fixes the issue. Currently have “Pollster” app running on the previous ecosystem to do this. I like to bring into the current…

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No SmartThings staff support? Was thinking trying to get people adopted to new env. be more willing to assist. :frowning:

thanks fingers crossed on the answer.

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“Unfortunately, we currently do not have refresh capability available in Smartthings platform.”

I would have thought since part of groovy world it may have been hidden (or not explained) in new env. I still kinda think that is true, but this was the answer. I keep it running in groovy, but hope it does not go away then (or at least until i upgrade motions sensors, which not until they break)

That’s going to be the disappointing answer to a lot of questions - like Capability “Momentary” :disappointed: