Href url redirection issue

hi, I am currently working on oauth2.0 through smarth app ide. However, I encountered an issue that when I try to redirect url --> dynamic{ section {href (url)}} <-- like this. The page does not redirect and when I checked it with developer’s mode on my mac, it showed me that I am getting the network error code of 500. I think the problem is that when I redirect url, IDE may be trying to pop-up? it on a new page and I think they use to have that page but now it has been removed or something. (I am not 100% sure, it could be the issue on my code… anyways.) So, IDE try to call a page “” <-- this but this page does not exist. Please help me out to figure out the issue. Hope, I can get it for easy. Thanks!

Hey, Thomas!

How are you? Sorry you are running into an issue like this. I’d love to see a snippet of the code you are writing though. I know sometimes people want to keep their code private so if you want to share it here or with me privately through a PM that is fine too and I can help get you through any blocks you are reaching.

I sent a message. I was going to send you a screen shot too, but I couldn’t and forgot to change the title of the message.

guys the method works on your phone. It just not working on the web IDE.