How/why are you using SmartThings?

Would like to get some ideas how others have used SmartThings and see what it can do.

I got interested in using SmartThings because I wanted to be able to turn on the outside lights on my house, barn and detached garage when I return home from the race track with my 40’ trailer so I can see where I’m parking it. I wanted to be able to turn them all on at once without having to run wires from detached garage and barn back to house. Now with SmartThings it uses my cell phone as a presence sensor and automatically turns on all the lights when I get back from track after dark.

My 2 year old just learned how to open her bedroom door. First night I found her downstairs playing at 3am. I’m going to put a door sensor on her door and have it turn on the light to our room if she opens up her door late at night so we know she’s up.

Here is something to get you started

Also, our community best @JDRoberts generously created a clickable tag #project_getstarted. There are more than 20 threads discussing your question.



As @SBDOBRESCU said, there is a quick browse list of many different threads with ideas for getting started with SmartThings. You should find it interesting.

The communitycreated wiki has quick browse lists in 3 sections: SmartApps, device type handlers, and projects. “Get started” is the first list under projects towards the bottom of the page. :sunglasses:

I’m more interested in unique, cool, or out of the ordinary uses. Stuff not everyone thinks of.

Which is exactly why people post project reports. :wink: Lots of interesting stuff there.

Here’s my personal favorite:

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This is another of my favorites:

Some interesting ones I saw where using a power meter to know when laundry/dishes/etc is done and then notify. Using Harmony integration to turn on pathway lighting from living room to bed when you turn the TV off after a certain time. Using ST, Harmony, Echo to control your TV via voice. Using Big Talker for voice feedback (does this work with Echo?) Using RGB bulbs for status or notifications. CleverObjects app to use a SmartWatch for voice activation.
I’d there a way to use Alexa app or OK Google so you can do voice activation from your phone?
KeenVents to control temps in certain rooms.

I make my own cheese. I took a small upright freezer and use a temp and humidity controller along with a pond fogger to control the environment. I have a sensor in it that reports to SmartThings the temperature and humdity. SmartThings then sends me an alert if either gets out of range…nothing like making cheese…ageing it for 6 months and then having your cave fail…

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I am a micro manager freak when it comes to my house so using ST to monitor and control things at home is the reason. I have one ipad and multiple tablets all over the house mostly for status, time, Temp and control sometime. Even my kids are now avoiding switches over Amazon echo. That’s my story. My wife thinks maybe my life is not stressful enough and I need extra work everyday to keep my brain going. Pretty sure she’s wrong cause I have random thing fail only every other day.

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