How/Where do I find the IDE (to add a device handler) ?!?

quite frustrating… i played around with another smartthings hub (v2) a few years back and remember being able to access my device online (logging in to an online account)

now i cant find any access online? Im sure i registered that hub but when i go to the site and look my registered products I dont see the hub!

now i have a 2nd hub and reliving my nightmares :slight_smile:
#1 i cant register the product because wants a 15 digit s/n , hub has 10!
#2 i cant find where the IDE is , its not accessible via the phone app?
#3 all i want to do is add some visonic mct0340E sensors. my hub pairs with my samsung sensors but not with these


The IDE is being discontinued. So there’s no reason to use it anymore and many of the features no longer work.

In particular, you can no longer add new DTHs. Those are ALL being discontinued.

Instead, the smartthings platform now uses “edge drivers“ which will run on your own hub.

Start by reading the following community FAQ. It includes links to all of the official announcements about this.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Then read the following thread, to find out how to do specific things you used to do with the IDE:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

but read the edge FAQ first, or the second thread won’t make any sense.


thanks. i will take a look

is there any online account that I can have to access any smarthings hub related stuff? as mentioned… i log into my samsung acct and i can even register the hub because it doesnt have a 15 digit s/n


hub registration can only be accomplished using the ST app. how are you attempting to add it? which model of the hub?

if it is a v2 hub that requires the code… you would need to contact ST support directly and include a image of the bottom of the hub that shows the serial number. This is only for the v2 hub.

yes its a v2 hub… but i have the app running on my phone and i have connected to a few devices already… i think i rmember entering that 6 digit code via the phone app.

where is the ST Login for website … ive searched and cant find it.

best option:

to view your devices online:

to manage from your desktop: CLI

the legacy IDE: go to My Locations and tap on your Location name


thanks. theres a lot to take in here.

just to clarify… you mention manage from desktop with CLI . im familiar with CLI on linux… but is this an interim solution , ie is CLI control goiing away or is it worth the learning curve?

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It’s likely to change at some point just because smartthings is always evolving, but it is the current official method.

This was covered in some detail in the two links that I gave above.

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Wow. i have a basic understanding of most of these concepts but im seeing that smarthings is really more of a project than a product. huh…

maybe you can point me in the right direction, as far as getting my 10 visonic door/window sensors working…

I have the Hub V2. Its up and running and connecting with several smarthings products
i just bought 10 Visonic MCT-340 E zigbee door/window sensors
these sensors are not being discovered by my hub thus i came to this forum

I checked the wiki , as per your instructions and Tomasaxerot indeed has an entry for this device but its dated 2017 and it seems to be a groovy file.

** does this mean i can NOT use my sensors because no one has written an edge driver in Lua yet? **

it would be nice if there was an actual example somewhere of the how to create a new edge driver so i can see how much work it would be.


If the sensors are not being added to your account, even as a “thing“, than that’s a different problem than the whole edge driver issue. It’s more likely that either the sensors themselves need to be reset or that they are a particular model which is for some reason not compatible with the Zigbee profile that smartthings uses. Assuming, of course, that you have other Zigbee devices that are working with that hub.

If you don’t have other Zigbee devices already working, then the first step is to make sure that the hub itself is up and functional. You can use the API browser plus website for that. :thinking:

If you checked the wiki per my instructions, you should’ve gone to the edge Driver page, and the only things you would find there would be edge drivers. Not old groovy DTHs.

This page, and then check the list for Sensors:

That in turn would lead you to the following community-created edge Driver, which does have fingerprints for at least two versions of that model number.

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Drivers for Motion, Open/Close, Moisture, Smoke-Co Sensors and others Devices

However, the edge driver won’t help you if the device is not adding to your network at all. So that’s why we need to back up a step to make sure that it actually can be added if only as a generic “thing.” :thinking:


SOLVED! these Visonic sensors are very fickle . the problem was that to properly put them in discovery mode. you have to hold down that tiny button at the same time you insert the battery. i dont believe this is described anywhere. if it is , i missed it.

I am now able to these sensors to be recognized by the ST hub

I have a question about how devices communicate with the hub but i’ll ask that separate


The area you’re referring to isn’t (and never has been) where you register a SmartThings hub. That is for appliances, phones, soundbars, etc and mainly for warranty purposes. But if you’re able to see the Hub in the ST app, there’s nothing else you need to do as far as registering.

Hubs, and devices, all get added through the ST app only now. If your device is unable to be added properly, chances are you can have a community member add the device’s fingerprints to a community driver. Community Edge drivers are basically just like community DTHs, but they run locally instead of in the cloud, so are actually better in most instances. They’re actually easier to add than copying and pasting DTH code, since it’s done through the ST app.

The CLI isn’t really a tool you’ll necessarily need - I’ve found basically no reason to use it, particularly with @TAustin’s API Browser now available. There is also a GUI type CLI Terminal available. (GitHub - daltskin/SmartThingsTerminal: SmartThings Terminal is a cross platform CLI tool for the SmartThings API - interact with your smart home from the command line.) So don’t let that scare you away.

ST, Hubitat, Home Assistant, all are really “projects” continuously in flux, and always have been. There’s a lot of changes in the smart home world right now, with Matter & Thread becoming the industry standard.

Spend some time reading the things posted above and I think you’ll find SmartThings to be capable and useful. It’s just a bit different from what you’re used to.