How to use Tasker/Automagic/SharpTools to integrate with other apps

Many IP enabled IoT devices don’t have integrations with SmartThings, but they do have an app.
Is there a way to use Tasker / Automagic / Automate/ SharpTools to open the other system’s app and click on buttons in order to control the other system? Maybe use ST Virtual Switches or Universal Device Type Handler to keep track of the other systems states and to trigger the integrations.

I assume this would need a dedicated rooted Android device that would be plugged in and have WiFi access in order to run all the time.

Ryobi has a Garage Door Opener that is WiFi enabled with an App.
Kwikset has the Kevo BT enabled lock with an App

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As far as having to be rooted, this is not true. You can run tasker, etc. in the background and something like SmartTiles on an always open display. To make the tablet stay on all the time while charging, just go to “About device”, tap the “Build number” 7 times. you will get a “Developer mode” configuration now and you can check the box saying “Screen remains on while charging”

As far as using some task software to press buttons on another app, I am not sure it can be done. However you may be able to use IFTTT or Tasker if both systems have connections to the programs.

Remember, every step you take will introduce delays and possible security holes into your system.

Task software can indeed be utilized, in concert with other programs, to press buttons in apps. I have it on my android control tablet, to automatically make phone calls thru Hangouts in the event of a home security breach.

I forget the specifics as I’m nowhere near that tablet right now. But the general flow is
_ a combo of ST and sharptools alerts to verify a breach.
_ Tasker gets the info and opens hangouts
_ using autoinput, Tasker dials a series of numbers from the contact list.

I believe I read that the device had to be rooted in order for Tasker to be able to click on buttons in apps. Maybe Automagic can do it without being rooted.

It’s not necessary to root the device for autoinput to function, at least in many cases.