How to use ST to control volume on Nexus 7 Tablet? Or Android devices in general?

I’ve spent hours searching on here and I can’t seem to find a solution to this, is there a way to add a tile that controls the tablet (Nexus 7) volume? In my dash, I have a link to open the Amazon Prime music app (since I can’t get it to integrate within the dash like Sonos), then I have AllConnect to enable airplay support, then it goes to a receiver with airplay support and sends music to the pool speakers. I would like the tablet to control the volume and if I could access the physical buttons, it could but they’re in the wall. I know I can go to the receiver to change the volume but I want to be able to change it from the wall via the tablet. On iOS, you can swipe up but I don’t see that for Android (think I find an app though) but since no one in my home has an android, I would really like a simple volume up or down tile. I would be incredible to have amazon prime music control and volume in the dash but I don’t see that as possible.

Can tasker do this? I know it does a lot and I’m learning more and more everyday but is there a walk through for this?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the piece that may be missing is a third-party android app called SharpTools. Very popular in the community. This has a lot of different features, but is often used to connect Tasker to SmartThings. @joshua_lyon is the developer, so he would know. :sunglasses:

( also, I’ve moved your thread to projects so you can get answers specific to your own set up.)