How to use GitHub in a simple way as a non-dev to install apps


I spend now probably 2 hours trying to figure this out myself but neither SmartThings, nor this forum, nor youtube (and of course google) provide so far really easy to understand guidance… So lets try this awesome community :slight_smile:


  • have couple of smart things at home such as HUE, harmony remote, etc
  • bought SmartThings whilst waiting for some Xiaomi shipment
  • SmartThings hub/app (UK version) setup works (little bit buggy outside of available countries but got it working)
  • wanted to add this: [RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta) and problems started :slight_smile:
  • created github account successfully


In regards to:

  1. is this guide relevant for non-developers at all?
  2. do I need to fork SmartThingsPublic or can I somehow use the main version? Do I need this btw at all?
  3. do I need to setup anything locally github wise or just work via my online github account?
  4. If I just want to add this [RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta) how can I do it in the easiest way possible whilst still using github (so not copypasting code manually)?

I have to say that the overall experience outside of the in-app options is really bad in terms of user experience and guidance. You search this community, find a thread, all you get is a github link and from there you have to figure out what to do and how on your own :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Xiaomi Zigbee Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, & Smart Button Device Type [beta]
(Robin) #2

What country are you in?

If on EU shard, GitHub is not available without an extra step.

(Robin) #3

Just re-read your post… looks like you’re using a UK hub so I’m going to assume you’re somewhere in the EU?

Because of this, you need to activate GitHub for your account as for whatever reason ST disable it by default.

This can be done by clicking this link (make sure you log into your online IDE account first)

Then, when you go to your device handler tab in the IDE, you’ll see some new GitHub buttons at the top. You’ll first need to link your GitHub account to ST. Then you can click ‘settings’ add other peoples repositories. For @a4refillpad’s Xiaomi handlers, this is the setup you need:


You can then click the ‘update from repo’ button, click the repo you want, tick the device handler you want, tick publish and then click done.

The above also works for smart apps when viewing the smart app tab in the IDE.

(Mark) #4

Does the developer of that device handler support the github integration? If not then everything else is irrelevant.

Edit: looks like from @RobinWinbourne’s updated post that that github repo is supported with the IDE integration.

(Robin) #5

I have @a4refillpad setup in my repository list, so yes, I think he has it setup properly.


@RobinWinbourne thanks for the quick reply.

A) this link here didn´t do anything for me besides redirecting me to the community page:
Just as a test, I moved ahead anyways and enabled github via the top right button in the IDE. Adding afterwards the a4refillpad stuff worked.

How do I see if I am in the EU graph?

B) I added from repo and the device handlers but two are colored blue. “Indicates that the file exists in your GitHub repository, and has been modified in the IDE but not committed to the repository.”

I don´t get this since my github repository was before empty (deleted the old forked repo before). Also if I login to github after the above step, I don´t see anything in github.

Compare versions shows me btw that the original version has 2 empty rows at the end of the code, whilst my local one doesn´t. So doesn´t seem to be an issue, it´s still strange to have something blue after the initial update from repo…

C) Ok got it, there is nothing inside my own repository since I don´t have an own fork? So if I want to adjust the code (settings, etc) what will I need to do? Just edit in the IDE editor? What happens if there is a new version, how do I update whilst keeping any changes made?

Thanks so far guys, already happy that I got so far. Still waiting for Xiaomi shipment so can´t even test the hardware yet :slight_smile:

D) How do I get rid of the blue entries? Tried to click the “update” button but it didn´t help. Overwrite local version via editor?

(Robin) #7

When logged into any shard of the IDE, go to your ‘locations’ tab and click on your home hub (under the ‘name’ column).

This will force you onto the correct shard and you can then check the URL at the top of the page.

I’ve never looked too closely at the colours, I just check the repos in the IDE from time to time and update the ones that appear on the list.

If you want to tweak code, just do it in your IDE and publish for yourself, no need to mess with forks or anything.


Ok moved on and have new question :slight_smile:
How do I add a forked version or add the changes?

I want to add this to the a4refillpad original version: