How to use an open/closed sensor on a window with a window stop

At my house we have windows with stops so you can open the window a bit and the stops will keep it from opening more. We like to use this before it gets too hot to turn the AC on. could i just add a magnet to the point where the sensor hits the window frame when the window is open until the stopping point?

just offset the two parts of the sensor at “closed”. enogh for the magnet to be sensed but then enough to make the travel be far enough apart to break contact

If “closed” and “opened to the stop” are considered closed for you, then a second magnet would do the trick or, if the open to the stop is small enough, you could just position the magnet well. Some door sensors have a larger vertical “play” than others.

If they are separate “states”, then you would have to go with two sensors.

thanks for the input. i’ll try getting another magnet and that seems like it will be the solution.

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