Non magnet open/close sensor?

Looking to avoid the whole magnitizing of metal door/frame that messes up the sensor by installing something that doesn’t use magnets but all I see is an insteon product that has a push in button (and the one that goes in door hinge but I’m working on sliding door).

Any suggestions?

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the usual alternative would be an accelerometer. See the following discussion:

Need a sensor recommendation for a metal door

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Also, just checking to be sure: have you tried a magnet on the metal door frame to make sure that it is ferrous? Many glass doors have an aluminum frame, and that won’t be a problem since it’s not something you can magnetize. That’s why many people do use the sensative brand strips on patio doors. They’re expensive, but they tend to work really great for this use case. :sunglasses:


Just try a regular refrigerator magnet on the sliding door frame. If the magnet doesn’t stick, there’s no problem with a magnetic sensor.

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