Z Wave Mesh mapping

Does anyone know of a smart app utility application that can help you visualize and optimize your z wave mesh? I know that the z wave repair utility does magic behind the scenes (update local neighbor lists and update the controller lists). Seems like a great source of useful information that could help folks decide where to place intermediate relay devices to strengthen the mesh when you are having issues.

Any ideas?

Nothing exists within SmartThings that you have access to. You can contact support and they can help you. I know they have a tool to do this as they have helped me before. It would be helpful if we had access to it, but as of right now we do not.

If you add another Z wave controller as a secondary to SmartThings, and that secondary has its own mapping tools, you can often access those on a laptop connected to the secondary. But it’s more trouble than it’s worth for most people, plus the additional expense, and not many community members have done it. And those maps are intended for people with strong technical background, it’s not just a simple read. So you get the data but it may not be in a form that’s very helpful to you.

It would be great if SmartThings did give us network maps, they said they might in the future, but no specific timeline.

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Thanks JD - My thinking is with the right creativity an app could be developed that would be useful and simple. Unfortunately I don’t have the skills to build it out even if the raw data was available… Maybe given time we’ll get something…