How to Split Topics? (using Discourse Forum)

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Per (Is there a Discourse manual or just their own Forum??)…

Users at trust level 4 can…
edit all posts
pin/unpin topic
close topic
archive topic
make topic unlisted
Split and merge topics

But I can’t find any step-by-step instructions on how to split. Perhaps if you have the appropriate authority level, then you get a special menu option (or Keyboard Shortcut ?) while hovering over the Topic or ?.

I can’t believe there isn’t a manual for Discourse. What?

Or some features are just in limbo…


Your trust level is 3, which I believe is the highest for a standard user role.

I’m going to post below this and screenshot the options to split/merge.

edit: …if I can find it.

Is this what you’re looking for?


Not quite… What you depicted is the ability to spawn / fork off a new Topic instead of replying and before a bunch of “new line of thought” posts end up in the original Topic…

The “+ New Topic” (as shown below) is an excellent feature, but is isn’t any good when it’s “too late” – i.e., if the contributor doesn’t realize that they are inadvertently starting off a long tangent of replies.

Based on what I read about Discourse, however, they do indeed have a way to select (pick and choose) individual Posts from a Topic and create a new Topic from them (i.e., after the fact). Now this could be a lot of bother for moderators or admins, but maybe worth using sometimes.

I just can’t test / simulate this feature because I presume i don’t have authority level…

You need to Select Posts and then move them.

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Yup … I don’t have those Admin menu options …but good to see that there’s some functionality.

The meta.discourse forum has several posts from their Founder in which he states that he doesn’t believe in User Manuals – the functionality is supposed to be self-evident by exploring and discovery. Wow.