Fireplace on, thermostat change

After finding the Keep Me Cozy II smartapp does not work very well at operating a thermostat with a remote temperature sensor, I need another way to solve my problem.

Basically, when I turn on my fireplace, the temperature at the thermostat rises and shuts off the furnace and the bedrooms get cold. At the moment I have a “Fireplace On” and “Fireplace Off” routine setup that changes the thermostat settings and I manually switch them with my phone.

Is there a way to automate these routines so that they turn on or off with a temperature sensor placed near the fireplace?

Or is there a better way to solve this problem? Maybe some kind of relay on the fireplace that lets you know it’s on?

You should be able to do this with Rule Machine. Have you tried that yet?

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I have not. This looks like it would do the trick. I have yet to add any community created smart apps. Seems like I have some research to do on adding one. Thank you for the advice.

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Sorry to bother you again, but is there a reference for how to upload a smartapp that someone else created? I have gotten at far as setting up an account at “github” and an account at “” to see my setup, but can’t figure out the next step.

There is a link but I can’t find it.

This is for Rule Machine
Go here:

Click the ‘Raw’ link in upper’ish right corner. Select all text
Go into the IDE, Click "My Smart Apps"
Click 'New SmartApp’
Click 'From Code’
Paste the code
Click 'Create’
Click 'Save’
Click “Publish”, ‘For Me’

Do the same for Rule except DO NOT publish 'For Me’

In the SmartThings phone app goto ‘Marketplace’, 'SmartApps’
Scroll to the bottom, click 'My Apps’
Rule Machine will be listed in here

I’m doing this from memory so it it’s off a little I apologize.

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