How to set a dimmer light to ramp up and down with a scene?


I am trying to set up a scene for my theatre room to ramp up/down the dimmer for the start of the movie and the end of the movie. I can only select the dimmer light once when creating the scene. Is there a way to choose a switch more than once when creating a scene so that it can take steps such as.

Action: Set dimmer to 90%
Then: Set dimmer to 70%
Then: Set dimmer to 50%
Then: Set dimmer to 25%
Then: Turn light off.

Or if there is any other way to program this it would be great to know.

Brand and model of the dimmer light? Different ones have different options. :thinking:

(You could definitely do it by daisychaining multiple scenes, but that would be really clunky and probably not a smooth effect.)

Hi. Thanks for the response.

This is the zigbee dimmer switch.

My hub picked it up immediately as it is a generic zigbee dimmer.

See attached screenshots.