Lighting Scene Control?

I have been waiting to see if SmartThings is going to update their app to allow for more individual dimming settings on lights that are linked to one scene. Example, I have 6 different lights and want lights 1&2 to be at 50% lights 3&4 at 75% and 5&6 to be at 90% but connected to one scene.

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Maybe Rule Machine can do what you want.

Rule Machine supports two different dimmer levels per Rule, so it can’t quite reach to what he wants in a single rule. Could use two rules, with same conditions, to get 4 dimmer levels.

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I am also looking for a solution. Did you happen to find anything?

You could give superState a shot.
If it works for you great, if not there are other scene capture utilities out there as well.

This all sounds overly complex when the Smartthings app could easily do scenes natively: all we need is dim level per light when creating Routines. Simple enough and straightforward.

Exactly as @devedsmith is saying - when you are setting the routine, there should be level per each light. And I also want to change my bulbs colors or ambiente if it supports it, or set some HUE scene. For example I want to have all my ambiente bulb yellowish tint after 7pm - its more relaxing for eyes.

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“easily”? if anything was easy they would have added entry and exit delays on Smart Home Monitor ages ago. :confounded: