How to send commands to Alexa using Core

Is there a way to send a command such as ‘Alexa play’ using core?

At this time, not directly…Adrian would have to create a skill that interfaces with Alexa and ST. Ask Alexa does have this ability and WebCore will integrate with Ask Alexa in the very near future (basic functionality is already there). You can read more here:

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There is no way, at this time, to send a command to Alexa to do anything without using your voice to wake up Alexa first (or if you use a 3rd party app that allows you to wake up Alexa via a text input). With that being said. Integrating Alexa with webCoRE requires a ‘skill’ either a smart home skill as the one officially supported by SmartThings, or one of the 3 community created custom skills (AskHome, Ask Alexa or EchoSistant). @ady624 is planning to allow pistons to push messages to EchoSistant, which in return can convert that into a command ready to be used once Alexa is awake…But that is all you can do at this time :smile:

Even if @ady624 creates a skill, he will not be able to send a command to Alexa such as ‘Alexa play’… right? Ask Alexa cannot do that either…

It depends…Ask Alexa CAN play music on Sonos speakers…to play music on the Alexa…no, that is NOT possible from any skill I know of.

:slight_smile: But CoRE CAN do that without using Ask Alexa or EchoSistant. :slight_smile: Sorry for picking on you, but the question was “How to send commands to Alexa using Core” not how to send commands to Sonos using Core…

No worries. Not feeling picked on. If you are talking Sonos then yes…Core can do that natively.

Sorry for the confusion.