How to see current mode? Android

More for trouble shooting - is there any ez way to see the current mode?

From the app, click the Menu button (top right corner), and you’ll see the mode there.

From IDE, go to My Locations, then you’ll see it about halfway down.


DUH thanks, I’m blind… Looked right at that page and never saw it. Knew where it was in the IDE.

Too bad one can’t add it to rooms or something so one could see it as you trouble shoot.

Maybe I’ll run 2 droids to watch.

There’s also a pretty nice widget that you can install in your home screen that shows the mode and allows you to trigger routines. It does need to be manually refreshed periodically though (there’s a button to do that on the faceplate)

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Loaded it - trying real hard to not use SHM - but can use that widget.


Something like this?

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Thanks for the tip on the SmartApp. I’m going to check it out.

However, I think they were referring to the native widget available from within the SmartThings mobile app (both Android and iOS the last time I checked)…

For more info on that…

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