Alexa checking status of multiple sensors

I have multiple doors and sensors setup and I want to create a routine or skill for Alexa to check multiple sensors when I say lockdown. Ideally I want it to check that all doors are shut and sensors not tripped off etc. and report back something like lockdown complete or lockdown failed if something is out of status.

Is there anything I can do in IFTTT,, Alexa or Sharpthings?

WebCoRE and EchoSpeaks is what I would suggest but there is a learning curve. However, once you get it setup, you will be an intermediate user and would be able to create most rules you will need going forward!

There was a very recent thread about this. You would essentially define devices and when any of these devices change status, they would go into the “open devices”, “close devices” etc…Then when you trigger the webCoRE Piston, it would read those devices.

Easy for me but I’d imagine it would take you some time to figure it all out.

Check back here once you have both Apps installed and I’ll guide you through.