How to remove "Switch Activates Home Phrase" SmartApp?

I was investigating different Smart Aps in the market place. I looked at the “Switch Activated Home Phrase” app by Michael Struck under Lighting & Switches. The app is now on my SmartApps list. I get “Sorry, but there was an unexpected error” message when I look at the app. Nothing happens when l touch “Remove”.

I went to the Marketplace to the same app to try to remove it. I now have 6 instances of the app!

How do I remove all of the app’s instances. The app may have a bug because I don’t have switches in my system. Thank you.

The easiest way would be to use the IDE ( and delete them that way. If you’ve never used the IDE, I highly recommend getting to know it. Also check out the FAQ:

This will come in handy if the url for the IDE doesn’t get you to the right one. Once there, go to the My SmartApps tab to delete them. If you don’t feel comfortable with the IDE you can always email support (

Thank you for your reply. My stuff appears to be on server 2.

The “Switch Activated Home Phrase” SmartApp is not listed under “My SmatApps” The only one listed is “cschwer : Google Sheets Logging” which I got from this community and followed his directions. I did this after I was having problems with the “Switch Activated Home Phrase” SmartApp.

I did send a message to support but haven’t heard back yet. Most likely because today is Sunday.

Anytime, and sorry I couldn’t help any further. I think support should be able to help you out, but if they don’t post a reply back here.

BTW, welcome to the Community! There’s a ton of really good info and discussions happening, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Someone will be around to help out.

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Got email from support. They deleted the SmartApps and said to make sure I have the latest version of the app, which I did. Anyway, problem is solved by tech support removing them from my account.

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