How to remove a sensor from STHM?

Is it possible to remove a sensor from the SmartThings Home Monitor?

I have a door sensor installed on an interior door that we use to aid a disabled family member at night. But STHM picks it up as a sensor to monitor for the “Armed (Stay)” state, and we don’t want that. I don’t need STHM to monitor this specific door for security purposes, and would like to take it out of the list, but there is no obvious way to do this in the UI (on iOS/iPadOS). Any ideas? TIA!

You can do it, but only by saying that you don’t want to use all sensors and then checking all the sensors that you do want to use.

And unfortunately, that’s a very tedious process, but it can be done. Here’s the community FAQ. The topic title is a clickable link.


Thank you! That was completely and 100% non-intuitive, but I was able to get the situation rectified quickly enough once I knew how to do it!

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Yeah, it’s ugly. :rage: I keep hoping somebody will come in and say “here’s an easier way!“, But so far that hasn’t happened.

They need to get a good UI/UX person in to help them out there. Having a control that is both a switch and an invisible selection button is completely non-intuitive, and hides interface elements.

(I don’t pretend to be a UI/UX expert, but I know bad UI/UX when I experience it!)

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Yeah, it’s even more fun if, like me, you rely on voice navigation, because none of those selectable fields except for the ones that show a toggle are marked as being selectable. I guess that’s consistent with the visual UI design, but it makes it really confusing.

Also I still haven’t figured out how to get to the little gears icon using voice. So I just have to have somebody else do those settings for me. :disappointed_relieved: