How to prevent STHM using a sensor for a given mode

Trying to get the security side of STHM setup and operational.
View Sensors shows which items it will use for Arm(Away) & Arm(Stay) which makes sense.
The challenge will be things like Ring Door Bell, which is used in Arm(Away) , I don’t need or want the Security system telling me of an Intruder just because Ring see’s the postman, or the Vibration sensor on the door detects someone knocking. That’s just two examples , sure there are many more.

So how do I control what STHM sensors are included or excluded and possibly what element of that sensor in the case of the door sensor with vibration, open/close/ temp etc

Along with this, when you have a contact sensor that you use for an automation to set the mode on or off, how can you give an entry/exit delay ?


You need to open up the STHM Settings via the gear cog icon (same screen where you View Sensors), and select Security. You will get a number of options including Set up Armed (stay) sensors and Set up Armed (away) sensors.

If you take a look at one it will look like:

If you slide the switches to the left you will find that the blue texts e.g. Hall Motion and 5 others, and less obviously any grey None selected (not shown in the image above), are clickable and will offer you the list of available sensors.

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Thank you

Now found and set

Much appreciated