How to re-pair Philips Hue bulbs after factory reset

Hi all,

After years of using Philips Hue bulbs just fine I have factory reset my Smartthings hub due to various issues and now I can’t re-pair my Philips hue bulbs and strip.

Now I understand it’s not officially supported without a hue bridge but does anyone know any tricks to reset them?

I read about resetting them with a Philips hue dimmer does that work or am I going to have to buy and plug in a bridge?

Thanks all.

You will need to reset the hue bulbs first, then you should be able to pair them to the ST hub. Read the two threads in The following post… one from myself and tHe better one that follows by @JDRoberts

How to get Philips Hue Bloom working after connecting directly without a Hue Bridge


Thanks @jkp

I might buy a Philips Hue Bridge as it supports Razer Chroma, it might at least make my purchase more worthwhile.

Do I still need an Amazon device or the dimmer to reset the bulbs to be able to use with the hue bridge or would just the bridge do? Looks like I need a dimmer or amazon device also? :frowning:

expensive factory reset! :o

This is the exact reason ST doesn’t recommend pairing the Hue bulbs directly with the ST hub and instead recommends pairing to the hue hub and pairing the Hue hub to ST.

The ONLY way to reset a Hue bulb or deliver firmware is with the Hue hub. (On purpose by Philips)

Understood :slight_smile: - is it possible to recover a hue bulb paired with Smartthings hub direct with just a Hue hub or are additional accessories needed?

It’s a shame we need an additional hub with similar zigbee compatibilities just for a few bulbs and a led strip but lesson learnt :wink:

IKEA got it right, much cheaper bulbs, that connect straight up to Smartthings and never miss a beat.

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a Hue hub should do it.

Not true on either count. There are multiple ways. Please see the links already given.

Please follow the links that @jkp already gave you. There are two different ways to reset without a hue bridge. Whether either or both will work for you depend on a number of individual factors, including the Zigbee channel that your hub was previously set to, but there are alternatives.

That said, if you do have a hue bridge, that is probably all you need.

Ikea did it differently, with both pros and cons versus the Phillips hue method.

The IKEA bulbs are good bulbs and work well with smartthings, so definitely you can use those if you prefer them. But the Hue Bridge brings in a number of additional features not available on IKEA, such as the ability to set the power restore behavior for each individual bulb. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


Yes I found this thread here, it does seem a bit luck of the draw… :frowning:

I think I’ll just try the V2 hub first and I’ll report back here. Hopefully this trick still works.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

The house is a bit “dumb” tonight :smiley: our light switches are placed in the most stupid places too…

Mind you, I’m having trouble resetting one of the IKEA bulbs even after trying to turn it on and off in many different ways like a mad man, so yeah… pros and cons :smiley:

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Hi, JD
5 years ago you posted about using Raspbee to reset an orphaned Hue bulb to factory no matter what channel it is on. Later more solutions got updated. My question is that is this touchlink method using zigbee2mqtt hardware the same? In my area this is the cheapest hardware I can get if it does the same thing as Raspbee, light link remote and living colors remote in terms of resetting a Hue bulb regardless of Zigbee channels.

I don’t know for sure, but I would not be surprised to hear that the touch link method only works for devices on one of the ZLL channels. So it would be different than the other method.

As an experiment, I just switched my Smartthings hub to channel 12 and added one of my normal hue bulb to it and then successfully reset it with the dimmer switch. Similar story here

Is this a new feature of the Hue dimmer switch or?

Edit: Looks to be the case Thanks

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Yes, they upgraded that about a year ago, that’s why now I just tell people to borrow a dimmer switch from somebody. :sunglasses: