How to get Philips Hue Bloom working after connecting directly without a Hue Bridge

I bought four beautiful Philips Hue Bloom (more than 100$ each!) a few years back and connected them to Smartthings hub directly (it was supported then). They worked flawlessly until last week when they pulled back the older smartthings app.

Now, although recognized as a device on the new app, the IDE and on WebCore, it seems offline and cannot be controlled.

Problem is that this device doesn’t support ZigBee network exclusion.
Also, I have read that it cannot be migrated to use Philips Hue because of this very reason.

So it seems that Smartthings and Philips don’t care much about this 500$ investment.

I want to try and build a separate ZigBee network which will play the hub for these devices, given I still have their network ID (from the SS IDE).


  1. Is this even theoretically possible? have someone ever did something like this ?
  2. any better idea to get these lights back to live ?
  3. Has any one ever migrated Bloom lights from direct connection to SS hub to use Hue Bridge ?


I do not know if this option will work for the blooms but you can try it for resetting it. Then recommend you use the hue bridge as it was never recommended to directly connect hue lights to ST.

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating, but the good news is I’m also sure you can get the Blooms reset. :sunglasses:

To use the method in the video Linked to above, You have to have an echo device that has a zigbee hub inside. That would be either an echo plus or an echo show second generation or newer.

Alternatively, if you can borrow a Hue dimmer switch from anyone, you can do it very easily that way. I actually like this method the best because it should always work and you get a very clear visual indicator. You just put the dimmer switch very close to the bulb, within about 6 inches, hold down two buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds (the video shows you which buttons) and then you will see the light blink when it resets. :bulb:

(You do not need to add the dimmer switch to your smartthings account just to reset bulbs, which is why you can just borrow one for this purpose.)

After that you can return the dimmer switch to whoever you borrowed it from and add the Bloom to the Hue Bridge through the regular process.

You can try the serial number method with the hue bridge and the hue app, but it is not always successful with these older devices. But the dimmer switch should work with any device that was capable of being set up with a hue bridge even if you didn’t use one.

Also, One small note. There is no such thing as “Zigbee network exclusion.“ The “Network exclusion“ Available in SmartThings is a Z wave utility that works only with Z wave devices. But you can still issue a command to tell a Zigbee device to clear its previous network information using one of the two methods we’ve just discussed.

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Just bought a bloom, no problem with it