How to prevent a motion triggered routine from running again after initial trigger

Hello, new to Smartthings and still figuring things out. I have a routine to turn lights and fans on when a motion sensor is triggered in my media room. No problem. Have a button that turns lights off / dims when time for a movie. No problem there either. How do I prevent the motion sensor from triggering again (and turning lights on) If someone moves or passes by while we’re in movie mode? I’d think I could use the status of the light that is on at 1% (movie mode) but don’t know how to turn that into a precondition routine (i.e. if lamp x is on at 1% do not accept input from motion sensor). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Regulus

In the routine that turns on the light when motion is detected you can add a precondition:

If light is off